Sunday, March 27, 2005

To the Goddess Estero!

Happy Easter everyone.. and yes, it IS named after Estero.. the base name of estrogen, I might add. It's 'our' day, ladies!

*I've tried several times to post on this blinking thing.. but it's not taken it. I take that as the will of the gods..;o)

But I just wanted to say "Celebrate Spring & New Beginnings!"
May your serotonin levels be tweaked & your libidos be twanged (by someone who knows how to strum eloquently!)
Let your imaginations be fertilized, that you may give birth to the Muse's progeny.
Welcome the subtle changes of new growth, no matter how tough the lessons seem at the time. Winter's hardened earth eventually gives way to spring's warm soft soil.
Allow your decisions to be made in favor of 'love' vs. 'fear'.
Grant friends & family the joy of soul-stretching, in doing random acts of kindness towards you. Do it back to them.
Give someone permission to give you a full body hug.
Sanction peace.. at every level of society.
Be tolerant of every person you profess to hate; they too, are God's kids. Maybe they just don't know it yet. And they may learn from your example..

Estero's Blessings on all womanhood on this Easter Sunday. She has Risen!

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