Thursday, February 24, 2005

Change is in the Air

The only thing sure in this world is change. I've preached it for umpteen years now. And continue to try to live it.

The State Surveyors are busy where I work, making m-a-j-o-r changes along the way. And that is a good thing.
Imagine if we had this same type of 'team' who came into our lives once a year.. you never knew when.. & they would take notes, names & no prisoners. While the very thought might strike some fear, in the end, it just might be the housekeeping we need to be rid of the cobwebs of complacency. They might see my paperwork lacking (I really do need to be writing more). They may question me relentlessly on why I'm not doing more to 'live my passion'. They might even shake up the whole process by creating this moratorium on my everyday life.. no more just living paycheck to paycheck.. you must live life as a final performance onstage; rehearsal time is over.
And that would be a good thing.

We're thinking about some major changes here.. even considering a physical move to another state. Talking about our working lives changing to better suit our passions. And all of this is a Good Thing.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Balmy February

Wow.. what's better than laying out in the sun on a 78 degree day, gentle breeze, good book, lazy nap, serenaded by birds, entertained by squirrels on one side & kitties on the other. I am blessed.

Since I've started working the night shift, things seemed to have 'shifted' for the better. I don't wake up with the 'clutch' in my stomach, or go to bed wondering what all I've missed. I find myself very task-oriented these days, & working these hours have afforded me the time to complete the tasks. Again, I am blessed.

Dan & I have had more quality time since the switch-over, & that has been great. We're working on the plans for the backyard make-over, & it's going to be grand. You're all invited to the unveiling & Lawn Party when it's finished! We'll have a dining gazebo on the south side, which steps down to the cooking area (grill & smoker)on one side. On the other, it will step across to the hot tub. He even plans on putting a little shower out there. Across the deck will be a couple of anirondike chairs, for contemplating the sunset. Then to the north of that area will be the 10X18 oval koi pond w/ built in bench seating for contemplating the fishies. At the far north end of it will be the rock fountain.. nothing says peace like a burbling waterfall. The deck will wrap around the entire back of the house. We'll have everything stained an aging shade of gray, to match the house. Lots of offset lighting, etc..
Inside the lanai on the south end will be our tiki bar, complete w/ bamboo & palm frond accents. On the south end, will be a hammock w/ bamboo shading behind it. So inviting for reading the latest trashy beach novel..

So do plan to come see us when it's done. We're looking at the end of summer for completion. Your Bahama Mama's will be waiting..

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Nomination for an art film guaranteed to leave bile rising in your throat..
"Twenty-nine Palms"

Just say no.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day

I have to be married to the sweetest man on earth. I just woke up to a lovely bouquet of flowers & the nicest card. We have plans to go out to dinner tonight, & gross everyone out with our public-displays-of-affection..ha
Today he ran my business errands for me.. which is so typical of the little things he does each day.
Every morning I wake up to his smile & kiss. He fixes my diet coke.. & makes sure I'm set for the day, before he begins his own.
Each evening he arrives home as excited about seeing me as he was on our 1st date.
There are no words to describe how much he means to me.
I am blessed beyond measure.

"This is the true test of love.. that no one has ever loved, as we love..'

Sunday, February 06, 2005

New Column!

Hey, all you Metaphysical fans.. and you KNOW who you are! I've got my inner-eye on you.. you cannot run, you cannot hide.
I'm starting up a new monthly column on the Spirit Works website..
Called 'Dream Weaver' by Cherokee Sage Woman (sound familiar?)
I will attempt to interpret dreams sent in by our readership (which is amazingly large!)
I think this can be an interesting & fun segment. Which is what I long for in life.
'Spirit! Make it interesting & fun.. or else keep me on the bench, coach.'
So if you have some intriguing night-drama, send it in!

Also, a recommendation for an exciting new (to me!) website, www.radicalsages.com
WOW! Totally 'alive' w/ things that move us as One. Check it out.

And Dan has been working on our 'fun' site: www.gourmetcampers.com
Still under construction, but check out what's there so far.

A special thanks to the Cherokee Princess who keeps the website (& my spirits) in high gear. She's a jewel!
To BringBackBrenda who reminds me daily of my debt/gift to society; and will not let the world grow lax on weighty & significant issues. She rocks!
To Juliepoolie who reminds us that it is the blessed 'present' that creates the forever after. She graces us!
To the Fictioneer who calls my mind to roads not taken. He leads!

On this Super Sunday of thanks..
You know who you are!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

the Weird Awards

Today's weird movie award goes to a 1997 flick called 'The House of Yes' w/ Parker Posey & Josh Hamilton as lifetime incestuous twins, who are obsessed w/ playing the parts of Jackie O. & JFK. (Their first intimacy playing on the day of his assassination.) Their father left the family/was killed by mom, on that fateful day in history. It all ends up as insanity for poor Parker Posey. Josh becomes engaged to Tori Spelling ( a fate worse than insanity, if you ask me), brings her home to his demented family, & all jealous hell breaks loose. Freddie Prinze is the 'slow' younger brother who gets to sleep w/ Tori, as his payback/penance while the twins frolic all night on the living room sofa.

This movie was based on a stage play & the conversations are just about as stilted & 'staged'. But holy moly, who thought this thing up in the first place?? It's like 'Deliverance' gone amuck. Some dark comedy should be left in the dark, I guess.

Ok.. I think I'll be alright after I smudge off the bad vibes from this one.
Happy Thursday!

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