Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rain on the mountain..

We're under flood warnings here. Not that it's gonna happen here at elevation 2000 ft+. But the dismal days are getting to be a bit much. The driveway has turned into an E ride at Disneyland.. even in 4-wheel drive, we slip & slide. Needless to say, the mail lady, UPS, & FedEx do not attempt the drive up.

So what better thing to do on gray days, but to read, read, read. I just finished an excellent review book on Buddhism. I just love their discipline and 'givingness'. It takes me back to when I was a young teen, being raised in the Pentecostal church.. & yet wishing that I could join a nunnery. ;o) I couldn't understand why our belief system didn't have a cloistered existence where I could while away my hours praying, chanting, singing.. (not too keen on the poverty vows or all that incessant cleaning though). However, if I had taken that celebacy route, how could I have given birth to my best friends?? So it all works out in the end. And here I am, pretty much in my own secluded safe haven of the Cherokee forest.. a sanctuary and retreat all of it's own. We DO get what we ask for!

I am still being faithful to the Glycemic Index diet, even though the loss has plateaued a bit. My metabolism is holding out to see if I'm really serious about this (this time). I started back on the treadmill again, & am listening to audio books while I tread. Way more interesting than watching the clock.

We're looking forward to heading back down to FL in a couple of weeks. It'll be good to see family & friends again. And I'll try not to OD on seafood.. but man, it's soooo good there. Dan is off to Jackson next week, leaving the animals & myself to mind the homefront. In this day & age, we are reminded to be grateful for those jobs.. no matter where they take us.

Meanwhile, outdoors my day lilies are starting to sprout, birds are looking for springtime nesting spots, & the trees are budding! It's January folks.. why are they in such a hurry to grow.. sort of like people, huh?

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