Monday, March 24, 2008

God help us.

Welcome to the 6th year of murder & mayhem, brought to you by those nice folks in D.C.
If you don't watch another movie on the Iraqi occupation.. please see 'Redacted' by Brian de Palma.
Force yourself to watch where our tax dollars are going, & the utter diregard for humanity that we are so blatantly supporting.
You will want to turn away. You will pause it again & again, until the nausea dies down. How pleasant for us that we have the priviledge of simply 'pausing' the arocites.. while our victims must live through it each & everyday.
I am still trying to draw a complete breath after seeing this film. It is just that powerful.

God bless America.. & have mercy on her soul.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Our sad legacy..


Treating our women soldiers like 2nd class citizens. Even women in prison are probably granted more recompense.
I think most 3rd world countries are doing than better than we are in this regard. Shameful!

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