Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Noble Purpose

It's funny how the Universe works, sending you synchronistic messages that let you know, 'I'm thinking of you', in the nicest ways. This week I was privileged to review an audio book for Templeton Press (for our website).. it is entitled "Noble Purpose" & talked about the joys of discovering where our passions lie, what we're here to accomplish, what our 'purpose' for being here is. I thoroughly enjoyed it, listening to the wise words as I was ironing my uniforms to go to a job that I seemingly hate. Everything we do has meaning. There are no right or wrong choices in our work enviornment, there just 'is'. So my journey is to find the joy & 'purpose' for being where I am, right here- right now. It was a calming thought..
Then yesterday I got the movie, 'What the $#@!* Do I Know?' A marvelous film on metaphysics, quantum-thought for a new paradiagm. All I can say is WOW!! Dan watched it w/ me, & was utterly amazed that such a thought-provoking film was ever made. In this age of 'White Chicks' & 'Booty Call' movies.. how did this Mensa level movie ever sneak through? And it makes me yearn to talk w/ anyone & everyone who has watched it! Because we are 'likeminds'! We share the same DNA.. we are 'ONE'.

One of the best quotes in the Noble Purpose book was from Oprah, who said, 'If you haven't found what you're here for, then your purpose is to find your passion.' A lofty ambition, in & of itself. It's time we all Lived Juicy!

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