Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring arrives to the mountaintop

It's been slow in arriving this year. Maybe after the late April snow & consequent freeze of last year, Mother Nature was reticent to open those buds & flowers until she was assured there were no surprises lurking.
So now the forest is alive w/ dogwoods, red buds, tulips, & a variety of other floral & fauna that I haven't the fogiest of what they're called. But they are colorful & pretty!
The bird feeders are alive w/ teeny finches turning a brighter yellow each day (& eating voracious amounts of thistle seed at $25 a pop per bag) Lots of cardinal couples, bluejays, & the ever gorgeous indigo buntings. I set out 5 hummingbird feeders this year & all of them are hopping w/ activity. The squirrel feeder in the back yard is being emptied each day (& providing lots of entertainment for the dogs as well)
Last time we went to the store, we noted that we were spending the greater part of our grocery funds for the critters in our lives. The 2 dogs, 3 cats, a feral kitty & wild things in the woods. Worth every penny, I tell ya.
The river down the road has been replenished by all the spring rains & a few snows. I can see more & more kayakers out enjoying the rapids each day.
And the motorcyclers are back on the Cherohala, whizzing from Tellico to NC.
Yep, spring has sprung.. and except for the carpenter bees and ornery wasps that she brought w/ her.. she's a welcome sight.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'D wear that shirt!


God bless the wise elders..

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