Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's been awhile..

Lord, how the months do fly by. Politics keep on ticking, the worm still turns. My spring greens are now all-encompassing weeds (I am desparately seeking lawn care)
The a/c is on the blink & days are 90 degree swamp baths. So my nerves are a tad shot.
But this too shall pass..

We have Koi & talapia in the pond now.. & even some salamanders or 'spring lizzards' as they're called locally, to keep them company. Lots of tadpoles coming of age, as well.
The 7 year cicadias are driving us mad w/ their constant chirp.. I swear, I thought it was alien-mind control when I 1st heard them.

Summers on the mtn top are almost too lush for the imagination. The filled out trees are nearly claustrophobia-inducing, as they push in towards the house. The bugs, & spiders & snakes.. oh my! Takes my mind off the bears lurking in the woods.

Only 3 more months til fall tho.. I can surely hold my breath that long.

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