Friday, December 30, 2005

Lawdy, lawdy.. what a fool believes.

A Kansas resident who underwent stem cell therapy for advanced male pattern baldness has since been diagnosed as gay. The man is now suing his doctors, alleging that they knew he did not want to be the recipient of gay stem cells.

Of the embryonic stem cells approved by President Bush, how many are gay?

TOPEKA, KS—When Marybeth Witty stumbled upon her husband Dale watching a pornographic video on the internet, she knew something was wrong. Instead of looking at images of nude high school cheerleaders and young shaved lesbians as he often had in the past, the 37-year old auto parts salesman was taking in hot guy-on-guy action. "As soon as I saw what he was looking at I knew something was different," said Marybeth, a part-time manicurist who enjoys scrapbooking. "This was not the same Dale."
Shhhhhhh! Don't let the cat out of the bag! Indoctrinating gay stem cells into medical procedures is an active and crucial part to the GAY AGENDA. Don't blow our cover!
RATS! No body tells me anything.. I'm sorry if this causes any undue alarm in that homosexual agenda bracket.
Obviously it was a leak from ROVE.. yeah, that's the ticket!
sooo ... she calls it "scrapbooking" does she?? LOL

stem cells made him gay? maybe it just opened the door! guess he didn't like her "scrapbook" ... oh, i'm crackin me up ...
Why, you're right Joe.. it coulda been 'PlayGirl' she was messing w/..
Why does the blinkin' liberal media never give us the whole story?? ;o)
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