Friday, January 27, 2006

As Read on Buzzflash this A.M.

An Alito Filibuster Would Make the Democrats "Look Bad?"

Sen. John Kerry told CNN Thursday that he's attempting to pull support together for a filibuster of right-wing Supreme Court nominee Samuel J. Alito Jr. Apparently he has the backing of fellow Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy. But many Democrats appear apprehensive about supporting such a measure, and the White House says a filibuster will make the Democrats look bad. Come again? The White House? We're talking Bush administration officials saying Democrats will look bad? Can a party possibly look any worse than the Republicans do right now with the litany of moral, ethical and criminal charges facing them? Are the Busheviks for real?

The Democrats must filibuster this activist judge, and they must do it with zeal and a public display of passion not seen from the left since FDR, rallying against similar GOP threats to the balance of power, declared in a 1932 campaign speech that "Were it possible to find ... men almost godlike in their ability to hold the scales of justice with an even hand, such a government might be in the interests of the country, but there are none such on our political horizon." Democrats must fight tooth and nail to prevent Prince Alito, of "unitary executive" fame, of ever sitting on the bench and further strengthening the hand of King George and his monarchy.

Look bad? Wanna know what's gonna make the Democrats look bad? Lying down like dead sheep and letting the King's chosen one sail through without a fight. That's what the Democrats should worry about.
Now is absolutely the time for Democrats to go on the attack. Indications are that even solid Repblicans are now tring to distance themselves from the administration. They are no longer looking out for Bush, but for themselves. Democrats need to be leading this push.

You are absolutely right.
Agreed 100% with both you and Mark. Dems have made a name for themselves over the past 5 years as spineless and indecisive. Even if people might not agree with what they stand for...they HAVE to start standing for *something*!
Especially during this election year for some of Congress.. a Bushit affiliation is a 'kiss of death'.
They have been spineless cowards, most of them for sure.
I do think the fillibuster would have more support if someone else would be leading the effort, - so he's not just accused of politicing -but at least someone is leading the effort.
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