Friday, January 20, 2006

Good for Google for avoiding the McCarthy tactics!

MSN, Yahoo, AOL Give Bush Admin. Internet User Search Results...Google Says No...
NY Times January 19, 2006 at 11:20 PM

The Justice Department has asked a federal judge to compel Google, the Internet search giant, to turn over records on millions of its users' search queries as part of the government's effort to uphold an online pornography law.

Google has been refusing the request since a subpoena was first issued last August, even as three of its competitors agreed to provide information, according to court documents made public this week. Google asserts that the request is unnecessary, overly broad, would be onerous to comply with, would jeopardize its trade secrets and could expose identifying information about its users.
I love that people are slowly waking up from their 9/11 haze. A mere year or so ago, the idea of saying "HELL NO" to the government would have blacklisted you on a treason / terrorist list. But more and more people are seeing what's going on, and standing up!

Three cheers for Google.
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