Friday, January 06, 2006

Introducing 'Miss Belle'!

Belle is an 11 wk old part Beagle/part Coonhound all-heart puppy. She has gained rule of this 'roost' in less than 2 days. The cats are cursing & calling me a 'communist'.. but I think they'll let her into their hearts one day. She soooo wants to play w/ them.
She sleeps well in her crate, after singing us the bedtime song of a baying hound Aaa-ooooooooooo for about 15 minutes.
She's in love w/ the twin dog she sees in the stove glass reflection.
She hates it when I wash the dishes (& am not paying attention to her), so she pulls at my pantlegs & shoes.
She wants me on the couch beside her, dutifully rubbing her freckled belly. And in return she chews on my hands & arms.. I bear the price of love in scratches.
But she is definitely a 'keeper'. Belle-o-my-heart.
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SOOOOOOoooooo cute!!!!! I love this dog! She's just adorable, and you can see the "personality" oozing off her in that photo.
And of all things, now I'm breaking out in whelps on my arms & neck, where I hold her against me. I'm thinking it's just the shampoo they used the day we got her..
She's in for a new bath now.. joy.
Belle is so adorable, I love her. I also loved that your cats accused you of being a Red, only a vetran cat owner could know the effects of bring in THEM. Very much like sleeping with the enemy.
Ticks, fleas, hairs on the sofa, up-staging you at every opportunity. I wish you joy.
P.S. My daughters saw your pictures and I'm now under more pressure than ever. I think I hate you... LOL
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