Saturday, January 21, 2006

Oh, Boo Hoo.. You do the crime, you take the slime.

Clooney 'upset' lobbyist's family

Clooney joked about Jack Abramoff's name in his speech at the Golden Globe awards show.
The father of disgraced US lobbyist Jack Abramoff said George Clooney's Golden Globes speech made a "ridiculous attack" on his son, reports have said.
Trade paper Variety said it received an open letter from Frank Abramoff saying Clooney's words were "deeply hurtful".

Clooney said on Monday: "Who would name their kid 'Jack' with 'off' at the end? No wonder the guy's screwed up."

Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty earlier this month to corruption charges. Clooney was unavailable for comment.
Awesome. I love it when Republicans constantly accuse Democrats of being the whiney brats of the world...but then they go and get their undies in a bunch over something so harmless.
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