Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weird X5..

I was tagged by Juliepoolie to list 5 'odd' habits in my life. Me, odd?? you-hell-betcha. But it did take some weeding thru & cancellations. Like trying to decide if one were neurotic or psychotic.. fine lines being what they are.
So here goes:
1) I have no organizational skills, so if something fits in a slot.. that's where it belongs. This causes my husband no small measure of consternation, to find fishing gear mixed w/ cooking utensils. Hey dude, it fit.
2) I like to sleep w/ one foot out from under the blankets (helps me breathe better) Yes, that one's psychotic.
3) I use the computer as my reward system. I force myself to clean the house & all those inane chores before I'm allowed to come browse thru emails.
4) I hate talking on the phone. I was raised w/o one, so it stunted my 'phone-gene'.
5) I talk back to the TV. News shows can find me screeching at 80 decibels! This frightened my husband at 1st.. now he screams along. Sweet.

So that's the tip of that iceberg. I know so few people that blog, but I'll pass on this lovely quiz to Miss World, Cherokee Princess, Salisbury Mark, Hippigirl, & some other unsuspecting blogger. ;o)
Hehe, I can't wait to read Dan's bestseller "Virgo Lowering: how to live with the blissfully unorganized" :) As a fellow Type A'er living with a Type B'er maybe I could provide the Forward to the novel. Ha. Just kidding...I've learned a ton from you Type B folk and appreciate your quirks!

As for a list of my own odd behavior uhhh, here goes (no order):

1) I'm neurotic about sleeping. I have to have heavy blankets on me (even in summer) to provide weight and security. Also, I have to wrap up like a burrito in the covers, making them tight around me.

2) I'm a hair twister. But it's not enough to just twist it, oh no, that'd be too normal. I put sections in these tight knots, and then have this uncontrollable urge to push these knots on solid objects. ???

3) I have restless legs. Ever been to a movie and the whole row is shaking because some idiot 5 seats down has hyper legs? That's me.

4) If I'm sleeping on my stomach, I have to have a pillow over my head. Have to!!!

5) When I'm content, I "burrow". My legs and hips kind of shake around rhythmically.
ha! It was YOU jiggling the seats!!
Those are good ones.. altho the hair twisting sounds.. 'twisted'. ;o)

Dan would be proud to have you write his forward. I expect him to start the book after his therapy ends.
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