Thursday, January 26, 2006

World Wide Meddlers.

Now comes news that Bush won't support the 'winner' of a legal election, one even overseen by Jimmy Carter as a true & 'clean' election process. No even trying to set up diplomatic ties. Condy says she'll help the 'loser' set up a new government. Hey, maybe Gore should've done that back in 2000.. just taken his marbles & started a new game somewhere. God knows I'd have followed him wherever the new 'government' was to be set up. Let the rightwingnuts take either coast.. give the Gore-nations what's left. It would be WONDERFUL to be far, far away from that nutzoid crowd.
I am more & more embarrassed by this country. To the point of mortification. I feel like we're living thru a bad scene of 'Night of the Living Dead'..wondering when the zombies will go away??

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas says he'll start immediate consultations to form a new government.
I think we could argue that we elected our own little terrorist organization as well - you're right, I would have followed Gore anywhere. And Kerry for that matter.
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