Tuesday, February 21, 2006

All in a day's work.. lies, lies, more lies.

A Stupidity Tsunami: Bush goes on 3-day tour promoting his energy ideas, plans to stop at a renewable energy lab, but forgets that he just fired 32 lab workers. So, he rehires the workers before the event, but doesn't provide the cash for the workers' projects. Who wants to bet they fire the 32 a few days after Bush leaves? "'You're doing great work here,' said Bush, who picked up a bottle of clear-colored ethanol and smelled it." Houston, we have a problem.
What an idiot! The first rule in any chemistry lab is to never ever never ever inhale anything! If you are curious, you're supposed to "waft" the fumes toward you using your hand.

Too bad he didn't pick up anything more potent - could have been the Pretzel Incident all over again!

Ahem, but back to your point: Yeah, I'll bet those 32 get re-pink-slipped by week's end. God Bless America!
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