Saturday, February 04, 2006

Excerpts from the DVD, 'Back From Iraq'

I found this site, via the Google ad over my blog.. powerful!

"It was remarkable to learn that National Guardsmen who return from Iraq are not entitled to use the services of the VA if they are disabled in the war. It was shocking to hear that it can take almost a year to get an accurate diagnosis and reasonable treatment for a serious back injury.

It was frightening to learn that one can be seriously disabled and yet not be allowed to leave the military, and that soldiers who have been seriously injured are being returned to Iraq.

Are U.S. soldiers hostages of the state? Why is the price for "protecting" this nation from the Iraqi people is falling so very hard on so very few. Why are some soldiers on their 4th and 5th deployments. How many times will we ask them to return? Post traumatic shock, physical injuries, repeated separation from their families. Why won't the people of the United States stand up for the soldiers who have served us so well?

What is clear is that when this war is over, and soldiers who have been stop lossed are allowed to leave, the military will be eviscerated. The national guard will be so harmed that their ability to defend the nation in the event of another 9/11 will be terribly compromised.

I wonder how many intelligent, educated, able bodied men will be willing to "sign on the dotted line" now that they know they can be stop lossed past their exit date, can be sent over and over again to a war zone, can be ordered to torture, and may have to wait months or years for treatment from the federal government if they get it at all.

Thank God so many people in the Anti-War movement understand why we aren't being made safer by this war. Communicating those insights to our friends and neighbors and to our elected officials is all we have to do . . ."
I've never heard of this DVD, but it sounds really interesting.

During the Presidential Debate, all the "unknown" candidates had their own debate (Socialists, Greens, Liberatarians, etc). The Liberatarian said something so amazingly profound: Our Constitution gives us the power to protect nationally not preempt internationally.

All these candidates said they'd pull the troops out of Iraq.
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