Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why we had to wait 14 hrs for Dead-eye Dick to 'dry out' before hearing the news..

Cheney, 'A Beer or Two' and a Gun

By John Nichols, TheNation.com. Posted February 15, 2006.

If alcohol was involved in the Texas shooting incident, it is appropriate to ask if an official inquiry was blocked to protect the vice president.

Vice President Dick Cheney, who was forced to leave Yale University because his penchant for late-night beer drinking exceeded his devotion to his studies, and who is one of the small number of Americans who can count two drunk driving busts on his driving record, may have been doing more than hunting quail on the day that he shot a Texas lawyer in the face.

Katherine Armstrong, the wealthy Republican lobbyist who is a member of the politically-connected family that owns the ranch where Cheney blasted his hunting partner, acknowledged to a reporter for MSNBC that alcohol may have been served at a picnic which was served Saturday afternoon on the dude ranch where Cheney shot Harry Whittington.
Can you imagine the witch-hunt that would take place if, for instance, it was Hillary who shot someone? I can't believe how much this is being swept under the rug!

The VP of the United States of America shot someone. That's a pretty big deal.
And then it turns out the 2 old geezers were out 'shooting' w/ their 'ho's.. ewwwwwwww..
Don't make me envision that nastiness.

I'll take a ride home w/ Ted Kennedy any day over playing 'shooting gallery' w/ ole 5-Deferrment Dick.
I didn't realise that you had two alcoholics in charge of your nation. This world is becoming a frightening place.
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