Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A prayer of Hope..

My Prayer to Gaia
by Sedonia Cahill

Great Mother, I am your daughter and I call to you.
Teach me courage and kindness and how to love myself
Help my heart be pure and my vision clear
Show me how to live without bitterness and blame
Let me know nature which is always true
Fill me with your silence as I learn the art of patience
Teach me of my own power and purpose
Send me your light as you guide me into your dark cave
Hold me when I am afraid
Help me to see there is no fault in the Universe, only life dancing
Reveal to me that timeless space insideWhere the dance has no beginning and no end
Fill me with wonder as I touch once again the delicate magic that is life
In my heart there is much longingI am ready to face whatever your Mystery may unveil
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