Saturday, December 30, 2006

In a better place..

I don't approve of the things Saddam did, but I more harshly don't approve of the things are own dictator has done. And I supremely do not believe in capital punishment.. so this day has started off grimly for me.
One can only hope that Hussein is in a better place, w/ perfect knowledge now.
It is all that any of us can hope for after death.

As I type, my bedroom floor is being torn out.(hopefully for new replacement) The 20 boxes of xmas decorations are lined up on the back porch, for possible packing into the barn by St Paddy's Day at the latest. My post-cruise wash is done..yay for small progresses.

We're starting a new potty regime w/ the pups today.. lots of walks in the pasture. Tessa loves walking on the lead. Poor Mojito things he's being hung by the neck until dead.
Gross analogy there.
I agree about Saddam. No ruler (elected or dictator) should take lives - I agree that Saddam had to go, but we certainly did not need to start a war, and he certainly did not need to be put to death. If he stays in prison, he's forgotten; if he's executed, he's a martyr.

It's just amazing to me, because I guarantee that more Iraqi deaths can be linked to Bush. Is the country really better off? I don't think so. We just went about this all wrong.

And we sound like flying hypocrites when we claim we invaded for "humanitarian" reasons. Over 800,000 people were killed in 3 months during the Rwanda genocide, and we turned a blind eye. It just seems (and granted I don't take this to diminish what Saddam's victims and families felt or feel) that in the scheme of brutal regimes, Saddam was not the biggest baddest threat out there.

It all stinks.

Happy New Year.
Swiper (my puppy) resisted the leashe also, you would think he was having a seizure, it was kind of funny! :)

Yesterday at lunch, they had telivision coverage of the execution playing in the restaurant while eating?? WTF?! That's horrible!

I know it was inevitable that he be excecuted, despite my strong feelings against any capital punishment, I also believe it will make things worse, but lets also not forget he was in the middle of a trial about the gasing of the KURDS, so they will never get more truth or any justice for that. And the Kurds put their lives on the line for us and we owed them their day in court to face their horrid abuser.
Debra, you're totally right about us now making him a martyr. We have yet to see the shit-storm that it will create. Funny, how all the news shows this morning are talking about how 'contained' Saddam was since Gulf War I, & that there was no reason to create this chaos, except for the little boy ego of Dubyah who wanted to show his dad that he was bigger & badder than he was.
Julie, I agree the Kurds didn't deserve their lot. But it was w/ Rumsfeld's, Cheney's & Reagan's blessing that he was allowed those atrocites. They felt it was a fitting 'gift' for the man who was keeping Iran at bay for us. That doesn't exonerate him, but just shows how the US was so complicit w/ it all.
We suck, truly.

On the puppy front.. I'm thinking a fenced dog run for them, (when the weather warms up), will be my salvation. ;o)
P.S. about the death penalty, I always like to say to those Right wing hard core fundamentalist so called 'Christians' who are for killing... 'HEY, if it was good enough for JESUS, it's good enough for anybody'...
They always look so shocked,,, feel free to borrow that one.
Takes them a while to stutter and then say, 'but, but, that set us free.. our salvation,, but'.. then you say, 'so it was a great thing to kill him!, wahoo'...
it's a very difficult arguement for them..
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