Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here's a shocker..


Exxon? Lying & cheating? Cheney-baby, say it aint so.

On a happier possibility...
What if? The new Democratic congress convened today & actually grew a couple.. and presented some changes in our world??
What if? Murtha's investigative committee on Iraq.. led back to the lil weasel that started the whole thing, & Impeachment charges were filed?
What if? Robert Murdoch developed a conscience & imploded FOX news??

Yes, there's always a silver-lining out there among the methane saturated clouds.
There has to be more than hot global poo.

Meanwhile my house still looks like downtown Kabul, while the case of the missing floor-workers deepens. Week 1 & they're still 'vanished', & are 'Without a Trace'. I will be looking for their mugs on the backs of milk cartons.
Good times, good times.
I can't even believe that ANY citizen would believe Exxon over scientists. Please.

Ha, here's hoping that someone can find your missing floorers. Good luck!
were the floor guys Republicans??

and Big Oil lie to us loving Americans?? say it ain't so!!
Damn.. I never thought about it that way. Obviously those floor-guys were plants from the GOP, as payback for the way this blog has made their lives most miserable. (Having affected the Democratic takeover & all)
I'll have to study this conspiracy a bit more, before I know how to counter attack.
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