Monday, February 05, 2007


I've been shanghai-ed, obsconded, kidnapped, pillaged, & treated badly by 'new' Blogger!
When I went in to blog this wk-end, I was very rudely 'brought over' to the new system.
Why do they treat us like errant children?
Why do they lamely offer us the 'old system' if we want it, & then make it impossible to log in on that old system??
I am not amused.

And now I will sulk.
Same thing happened to me. I held out from upgrading for as long as I could - and then I, too, was shanghai-ed. :(

Um, on the bright side, the system seems to run faster for me now.

On the downside, the trickery sucked. And I need another email account like I need a hole in my head.
Yahoo, Google it really doesn't matter. Go over to Flickr and people now have to log in using a Yahoo account rather than their old Flickr account. The amount of outrage that has caused with discussion threads kicking off and people leaving.

When you're big, it doesn't really matter to them. Sad really, but it is probably the price we pay.
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