Thursday, June 07, 2007

Random Facts about Moi

As a challenge from Joe Powell, I will list 8 random facts about myself.

1) I do NOT know how to embed blogger's sites into my messages. Juliepoolie has tried remedially to teach me, & I throw up a mental block. So you will find Joe @ www.cupofjoepowell.blogspot.com and that's just the way it is, dammit!

2)Every morning, Diet Dr Pepper gets my motor running. It obviously has healing powers not listed on the ingredients panel. It is my deserved reward after cleaning out the catpan, emptying the dishwasher (yes, I washed my hands 1st).. and carrying out the trash. Forget fiber detox & cleansing; all one needs is Diet Dr Pepper. TMI? They can send my sponsorship check to Tellico Plains general delivery.

3) I 1st got married at 15. Kids, do not try this at home! It will just delay your teen angst until middle age.. and that sucks, Dude.

4) I am the only sibling in my gang of 8 bros & sisses who is over 5'7" & has green eyes, & was not named after an ancestor. All the rest look very Cherokee (& short). Was there something Mama forgot to tell me? Did she bond w/ the milkman? I may never know, on this earthly plane.

5) If I could do nothing but read good books all day, sitting out in the sun, sipping on a rum 'n coke.. I would have reached Nirvana & be transcended. Peace be w/ you..

6) Laugh if you must, but I am an ordained Metaphysical Minister. I have the power to marry & bury. But like the Fantastic Four, I try to use that power for good. (So I don't use it..)

7) I want to have Spiritual Retreats here in the lovely Cherokee Nat'l Forest, but my neighbors have 21 baying hunting dogs.. and so my mantra would include a lot of expletives not conducive to good meditation. Damn the hounds!

8) I wish I knew 8 bloggers to challenge w/ this fun thing, but I don't think 'Dooce' would take me seriously, & 'Rosie' would haiku it to kingdom come. So I'll pick a few, email them & see what happens.

Thanks Joe.
...I use the diet pepsi concoction to get started with my day. I can relate.
...I don't wash my hands.
...I still sing like a rock star in the privacy of my own bedroom.
I laughed aloud on a few of these.

Great entry today!

I'll try to mirror you with 8 things tomorrow or Saturday - it's a fun idea.
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