Thursday, August 02, 2007

Daddy, will you write me an excuse??


This is insanity.. getting 'permission' from a sexual partner for an abortion. And if you don't get it, you stay pregnant!
Patriarchy at it's worst.
My body, my decision, mister.
Oh my word. This is so offensive.

This gives a man complete control over a woman. If he wants to spite her? He won't sign off. If he wants her to drop out of night school or quit her job so she will stay at home and take care of him? He won't sign off. There are SO MANY REASONS why men would toy with women if given this type of legal control over their bodies and their futures.

I completely disagree with the "it takes 2 parents" crapola. Please. If it takes 2 parents, can someone please tell me why I usually wind up at happy hour with fathers-to-be while their wives are at home unable to drink, in addition to being sick and swollen? Until men step up and actually contribute to the BIRTHING process, they have ZERO say in whether or not a woman needs to carry to term.

Some perspective: women are left with a painful medical condition for a year...a guy had an orgasm.

(sorry for such a long reply - this really tripped my wire)
I totally agree w/ you.. & I hadn't even considered the 'vindictive' reasons for why a guy might not sign a note!
I sorely hope that women of Ohio will fight this travesty.
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