Friday, September 21, 2007

I think Gloria Alred would've taken this case.

My comment is not about this story, but about your profile. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that I believe you have been misinformed.
First, no Cherokee medicine person would refer to him or herself as a "shaman", nor would other Cherokee refer to one as such. "Shaman" is Siberian in origin and has no usage among Native Americans.
Second, "namaste" is a word from India used in the yoga tradition and again has no usage among Native Americans.
Third, "nokomis" is not a Dine (Navajo) term as you state, but an Ojibwe legendary name.
Finally, if your mother was who you say she was, I am surprised that she did not teach you Tsalagi terms and traditions rather than those of other cultures.
I took the liberty of posting a link to your site on the Native Life forum of powwows.com. You might want to see what some real Native Americans have to say about it.
Please do not disrespect our culture by misrepresentation. It creates misunderstandings that complicate the work of keeping it alive and distinct.
David, I think you take yourself a bit too seriously. I am a card carrying Cherokee, was raised in the traditions, attend the pow-wows in Tahlequah,OK.. & you know what? It's all good. Just as we take what resonates w/ us, & discard what doesn't.. we create our own rituals & traditions. It's called evolution.
And God help us if we aren't all evolving souls on this earthly plane.
The Cherokees assure me if a person has even a drop of the tribal blood, that they are included, & are part of the One.
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