Thursday, October 09, 2008

Gotta feel for anyone who doesn't live in east TN..

It's been loverly here!
BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow! Autumn is my favorite season, thanks for providing the sneak peek.

(And I love your pond!)
We left everything familiar back in Western NY State 2 years ago to move here. The scenery was wonderful there, but here the mountains... the rivers and lakes... The weather!! I'm in heaven. I wish I came here 20 years ago. John
it is a truly lovely part of the US in all seasons. Our Autumn is passed. We had 2 inches of snow and high winds overnight. This is God's way of telling me to get my ass in gear and finish getting my firewood done.
The work is never done, is it? We too have wood to chop & water to carry.. to quote a good Buddhist.
There's a new nip in the air here.. temps dipping into the 30's. And my neighbor tells me that the corn husks have never been thicker, so we can expect a lot of snow.. wahoo!
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